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Gino’s interest in cars began at a very early age, as his grandfather and father were both in the auto repair business. He started working on German & Exotic vehicles at his dad’s shop in 1987. Through the last 35+ years he has acquired expert knowledge in both the old and new generations of German cars. He is a graduate of the BMW Step Program and Mercedes MB Drive Program.

In the early 90’s, while working as a technician at his dad’s automotive shop, he got the racing bug. He went on to build and campaign two BMW racecars and became heavily involved with the BMW CCA Club Racing Program. In 1998 he won Rookie of the Year, went on to win multiple National Championships and later became a BMW CCA racing instructor.. After his 13 year racing career he stayed involved in the racing circuit. He pioneered one of the first top mount turbo kits and did custom R&D on stand alone fuel injections for BMW M10 engines.. He also specialized in building race cars for clients, became a tech station for BMW CCA & PCCA, was a dealer for SDS & designed race products for BMP.

When Gino’s father Sam retired in 2013, he opened his own German Repair shop, German Auto Specialist, and ran it with his wife Debbie, son Sam & nephew Emilio. After a very successful 10 years, he sold his shop in CA and moved out to Hurricane, UT, where German Auto & Exotics was born.

Gino’s goal is to bring his expertise and knowledge to clients in Utah and become their go-to-shop.

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